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Xcode provisioning profiles not updating

You’ll have the option of importing your signing identity from another Mac or resetting it.

If you use a custom development provisioning profile that you manage yourself, it becomes invalid after revoking the development certificate.

If you have an older project and want to use provisioning profiles managed by Xcode, read , Xcode fixes code signing and provisioning issues for you before you attempt to build your app.

In this case, you shouldn’t set the Code Signing Identity build settings yourself.

These assets uniquely identify you or your team, so it’s important to keep them safe.

If a “No Devices Registered” dialog appears, connect an eligible device to your Mac, as described in , and instead of a green circle with a checkmark, a red circle with a white X appears with the status “This certificate was signed by an unknown authority,” you’re missing the intermediate certificate.

If you don’t have a certificate called If you view your certificate in Keychain Access, and a blue circle and white plus sign appear in the detail area instead of a green circle with a checkmark, your certificate has trust issues.

However, if it’s set on both the project and the target, the target setting overrides the project setting.

If the target’s Code Signing Identity build setting is set, delete it by first selecting it and then choosing Edit Delete.

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