Who is kellie pickler dating now understanding carbon dating

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Who is kellie pickler dating now

Check out all of our lists here, and share your own favorites in the comments.You might notice that Passion Pit’s Manners isn’t on my list, and that’s because I don’t like Passion Pit very much.» - Jocelyn Vena Country superstar Taylor Swift has a big gig coming up in September as a performer on this year's Video Music Awards, but until then she'll be on the road playing to sold-out amphitheaters and headlining huge festivals.Her latest stop was at Country Thunder, a four-day festival in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, that also featured fellow crossover stars Kellie Pickler and Tim Mc Graw.Another surprising situation the star in question popped up in?A music video collaboration with a well-known rapper.Given the diverse kinds of talent she's worked with over the last year, it doesn't seem that far-fetched that Taylor and White might hit up the studio sometime soon and work on some tracks.It got us searching our archives to see who else Taylor has talked about who she wants to work with (or vice versa) and we picked our favorites!

After opening the show with her hit "You Belong With Me" wearing a high school band uniform that she ripped off to reveal a fringed silver and black mini, the country superstar known for chronicling heartbreak in song stood before the sell-out crowd at Nashville's Sommet Center with a hand on her heart and bathed in a cacophony of squeals and shrieks.As she gears up to hit the road, Taylor recently opened up about her songs, friends, and relationships. I don't need to edit names out of songs and I don't need to edit details out of my songs because I've always been able to be honest with my music.Here's more: On her songs: "You know I don't really rebel in a lot of areas in my life. That's the one place where I'm never ever going to change how I do things." On dating: "When » - Pop Sugar The results rumble in for Taylor Swift's first headlining tour, and critics are falling all over themselves -- or at least the teenaged version of themselves -- with praise for the 19-year-old singer.Kellie Pickler is the self-titled second studio album by American country artist Kellie Pickler.The lead-off single, "Don't You Know You're Beautiful", was debuted at the 43rd Academy Of Country Music awards and peaked at 21 on Hot Country Songs.

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Swift's recently played gigs like two-night stand in L. (with John Mayer making an appearance), Salt Lake City and Phoenix.