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“But there was a tension in the situation because she still behaved like a sex goddess.She was debauched, though, a big boozer who smoked three packs a day.“People were coming up to Candy every five minutes and my wife asked her how on earth she dealt with it.'With a mixture of irritation and entitlement,’ came Candy’s reply.“Ava wasn’t ashamed of the life she had lived, but back in her day — and even in Hollywood today — you couldn’t be honest about who you were,” says Victor.“Ava was always carefully planning how she would come across, which is ultimately why she fired Peter.“Ageing is not an easy process, especially when you’re sick. “I’m tired of being Ava Gardner,” she announced to Evans one day.

She told Evans how Howard Hughes taught her to be a better lover, adding that she nearly killed him with a marble ashtray in a fit of rage once, but MGM hushed it up.

“When she had fired Peter, Ava came out with this wonderful phrase: 'Maybe one day when I’m pushing clouds around’.

Well now they’re both pushing clouds around.” Although the book and Gardner’s own admissions strip her down to a less mythical creature, Victor rejects notions that she was miserable during those final years. And right up until the end, even in those velour tracksuits, she comported herself like a movie star.” Perhaps all the effort that went into keeping other people’s fantasies alive eventually became too much for her.

It would have been a hard for any woman to bear, he says, but for one called “the world’s most beautiful animal”, it was unbearably sad.

“The stroke had really taken it out of her,” Victor sighs.

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The year was 1987 and Gardner was semi-paralysed by a stroke and living alone in Kensington.

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