Updating gridview data

Posted by / 05-Jul-2017 18:31

This tutorial series demonstrates basic aspects of using model binding with an ASP. Model binding makes data interaction more straight-forward than dealing with data source objects (such as Object Data Source or Sql Data Source).This series starts with introductory material and moves to more advanced concepts in later tutorials.

The Dynamic Field controls add client and server validators based on the validation attributes.Enabling users to update and delete records in the database is very similar to the process for retrieving data.In the Update Method and Delete Method properties, you specify the names of the methods that perform those operations.The Try Update Model method applies the matching data-bound values from the web form to the data item.The data item is retrieved based on the value of the id parameter.

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It uses the Visual Studio 2012 template, which is slightly different than the Visual Studio 2013 template shown in this tutorial.