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A gaze of awe never left Elena's face as we entered the restaurant and took our table – in the back corner. Elena and I sat down and she looked around still taking in the environment."Order whatever you'd like, and do me a favour please: don't get something silly like a garden salad just because you're afraid that you'll look greedy..." I said, gesturing towards a menu.

She giggled and grabbed the menu from my hands."Garden salads are for women who are worried about the first impression...

It is still unclear as to how the writers will manage to bring Elena and Stefan back to life but it will not be so difficult considering that the series is a supernatural/fiction genre.

If anything, "The Vampire Diaries" spinoff is not really intriguing the fans not like Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley dating news is.

Her long brown hair was curled and tied in a messy bun.

While Dobrev and Somerhalder took their on-screen relationship to a whole new level by becoming a couple in real life, it's not impossible for "The Vampire Diaries" heroine to date Wesley either.

It was tight around her torso, but it flowed like a skirt just above her knees.

She was wearing silver heels and a silver bracelet.

Once we arrived to the restaurant, the valet took my car and parked it out back.

I extended my arm and Elena looped hers through it.

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After Caroline demanded that she get a picture of Jeremy and Elena together, we were out the door.

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