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A teaching assistantship was a necessary requirement to earn a Ph. at Harvard, thus he dropped out of the University and moved on to a teaching position at West Virginia State College for Negroes in Charleston, West Virginia. Elmo Brady in this position when Brady left to return to Fisk. The University of Vienna had the top program for research and study in the field of Natural Products Chemistry and he studied under the tutelage of Professor Ernst Späth, renowned in the field of natural products chemistry, with a particular interest in the study of alkaloids.He left West Virginia when he was offered a position as an associate professor of chemistry at Howard University in Washington, D. In 1929, Julian qualified for and received a Fellowship from the General Education Board and traveled to Vienna, Austria in pursuit of a Ph. Alkaloids are natural occurring chemical compounds that are produced by a variety of organisms, including bacteria, fungi, plants, and animals.Despite his high credentials, Julian found himself treated no differently than other Blacks in Cambridge.Blacks were barred from living in dormitories in Harvard Yard, but it did not deter him.

Blacks were very rare in that part of Europe and Percy was treated with admiration by those around him.

His father was denied the opportunity to pursue an education and was determined that his children would have that chance.

This emphasis would ultimately prove successful as two sons went on to become physicians and three daughters would receive Masters degrees.

Upon graduation in 1916, Julian applied to and was accepted into De Pauw University in Greencastle, Indiana.

At De Pauw, he began as a probationary student, having to take higher level high school classes along with his freshman and sophomore course load.

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His son Percy, however, would become the most successful of the children.