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People maintain traffic discipline & drive in lanes.They change the lanes or take turns by giving appropriate blinker signal.It manages cabs & buses every day for its employees. Command center can locate where their vehicles are & it is connected with drivers but missing part is that there is no way to see traffic on road by command center people. Remaining work will get done by admin department of private firms in choosing less traffic routes for their vehicles.If traffic department of Pune installs IP cameras at key junctions of roads & publishes it on web page then Wipro can easily save lots of time of its thousands of employees by changing the routes on ad-hoc basis. So traffic on road will reduce on its own at very low cost.For the convenience of Investors and Intermediaries, CAMS has set up Service Centres that are connected in realtime to the back office at Chennai.This connectivity allows service centres to access the database for transaction acceptance as well as query handling, thus enabling same day transaction processing and across the counter servicing.If you visit the Alaska’s web cam related pages then you can see the extreme weather condition in which people live.It gets dark at 4pm in evening & snow falls keep happening frequently.

You can see the civic sense of people in maintaining traffics laws in different countries.

By streaming live webcams visitors can view what is happening in the Mumbai right now. Visitors from other countries search Indian webcams.

This is only publish online webcams from Mumbai, Thane or navimumbai.

Which now publish webcams in Mumbai from various locations.

Visitors from Mumbai, India as well as around the world can see real time live images of some of the Mumbai's most interesting places, monument, tourists spots, peoples life, Weather, traffic, events, sea beaches, and Mumbai’s Crowd. Favorite choice of tourist people is Mumbai, because Bollywood, stock exchange, Chowpatty, Corporate houses and many things that make Mumbai a popular choice in travel related people. There are many web cameras In India at various locations.

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Webcam also helps in learning the dining habits of people of that country.

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