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Scary intimidating songs

Dressed in identical overalls, with band members numbered instead of named and each sporting bowel-loosening home-made masks, Slipknot made nu-metal dangerous.

Rob Zombie has had a career that has seen him front White Zombie, have a solo career making twisted metal, and direct multiple fright-flicks of his own.

Black Sabbath’s Prince Of Darkness has been able to proudly boast of being Birmingham’s scariest rock star since at least the early ‘70s.

From biting the heads off various flying animals (doves, bats, he’s not fussy) to doing his bit to further the evil that is reality TV, he’s certainly done his fair share of the devil’s work.

He’s supplied six-string shred to Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie, and can be relied upon to bring suitably spine-tingling riffage to any metal-minded front man.

With a murderous clown’s dress sense and a habit of working the names of serial killers into his song titles, he’s arguably the most frightening gun for hire out there.

Turn up the music, turn off the lights, and prepare to be sufficiently spooked.With their fascinatingly eerie appearance (frontman Papa Emeritus II is a papally attired brother to Skelator while the five Nameless Ghouls don hooded robes and face-concealing black masks) and songs that espouse the virtues of good ol' Beezlebub, you'd think that Ghost (or Ghost B.C., as they're known in the US) might went to send you beyond Down Under.There’s no doubt about it, Twisted Sister front man Dee Snider is a frightening sight to behold.There’s just something deeply troubling about a man who looks like a pantomime witch fronting a rock band, even when they’ve got pipes like Dee.

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