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Sas variable updating

Thus you will have to supply the proc format code in each program that uses the file.

Since this can make each of your programs much longer than you might like, I would like to provide a tip for accomplishing this task without repeating the code for the proc format in every program.

Hash tables are simply a table held in memory that you can access easily. 1-Mar-16 1000220805_3781532691 fda6aa5c3a64e0ebfb96b0 ; run; proc sql; create table temp3 as select, a.visitor_id, case when missing(a.telephone_number) then b.telephone_number else a.telephone_number end as telephone_number from temp as a left join temp2 as b on a.visitor_id = b.visitor_id; quit; Whilst the above method removes blank phone numbers to create a lookup table, in the event that you have an IDs that have multiple different telephone numbers, the above method would result in more rows than you started with, due to the nature of left joins.

Key joins are perfect for what you are trying to do here, you can use them to lookup on an index and update fields in an existing dataset. telephone ; id = "a"; telephone = ""; output; id = "b"; telephone = ""; output; id = "c"; telephone = ""; output; id = "b"; telephone = "13"; output; id = "a"; telephone = "12"; output; id = "e"; telephone = ""; output; id = "d"; telephone = ""; output; id = "c"; telephone = ""; output; id = "a"; telephone = ""; output; run; /* Create a telephone number lookup table that is deduped and indexed by id*/ data lookup_telephone_nos (drop = rc index = (id)); /*create a hash table with a lookup id*/ declare hash dedupe(); dedupe.definekey('id'); dedupe.definedone(); do while (not e); /*Only read in data with telephone numbers*/ set telephone_nos (keep = id telephone where = (telephone ne "")) end = e; /*Check to see if you have already seen this telephone number*/ rc=dedupe.check(); /*If you haven't add it to the hash table and output it*/ if rc ne 0 then do; rc=dedupe.add(); output; end; end; /*Remove the hash table*/ dedupe.delete(); stop; run; /*If you don't have enough memory to use hash tables to dedupe - then create the above table without deduping (see below). The above method is also far less efficient than a key join.

I have a dataset where i have two variable namely ID and Telephone no and i want to lookup telephone no and update the same variable wherever its missing for IDs for ex: In the attached example ID A and B has missing value in telephone column and i want to pick the same where it is available and update where it is not.

Date Visitor_ID Telephone number 1-Mar-16 1000003634_4152228768 1-Mar-16 1000094865_1269576832 1-Mar-16 1000103735_1035466360 1-Mar-16 1000103735_1035466360 fda6a5563867eeebf19fb3 1-Mar-16 1000108145_3760680616 1-Mar-16 1000123010_2631619556 1-Mar-16 1000123010_2631619556 fda6a75c3765e0e8f797b4 1-Mar-16 1000126547_974397207 1-Mar-16 1000126592_2744218771 1-Mar-16 1000137177_3054387520 1-Mar-16 1000137208_498258799 1-Mar-16 1000137208_498258799 fda6a5563660e0ebf295b3 1-Mar-16 1000137460_2624495603 1-Mar-16 1000137460_2624495603 fda6a6583763eaeaf29eba 1-Mar-16 1000151867_3243977925 1-Mar-16 1000151867_3243977925 fda6a15a3f63eaedfb94b3 1-Mar-16 1000166048_3215927260 1-Mar-16 1000174960_357067493 1-Mar-16 1000178443_623552771 1-Mar-16 1000183569_2728954199 1-Mar-16 1000220805_3781532691 1-Mar-16 1000220805_3781532691 fda6aa5c3a64e0ebfb96b0 Here's a solution - it involves hash tables and key joins - you may not have seen these before.

the b and c examples) then make sure that these do not cause errors*/ if _iorc_ ne 0 then _ERROR_ = 0; run; Yes - though it depends.

The program below reads the data and creates a temporary data file called auto. The following program assigns variable labels to rep78, mpg and foreign.

The labeling shown in this module are all applied to this data file called auto. -----Alphabetic List of Variables and Attributes----- # Variable Type Len Pos Label --------------------------------------------------------- 5 FOREIGN Num 8 32 Where Car Was Made 1 MAKE Char 8 0 2 MPG Num 8 8 Miles Per Gallon 3 REP78 Num 8 16 1978 Repair Record 4 WEIGHT Num 8 24 Variable Label N Mean Std Dev Minimum -------------------------------------------------------------- MPG Miles Per Gallon 26 20.9230769 4.7575042 14 REP78 1978 Repair Record 24 3.2916667 0.8064504 2 WEIGHT 26 3099.23 695.0794089 2020 FOREIGN Where Car Was Made 26 0.2692308 0.4523443 0 ------------------------------------------------------------- Labeling values is a two step process.

2230 0 Buick 20 3 3280 0 Buick 16 3 3880 0 Buick 19 3 3400 0 Cad. This format statement can be used in either proc or data steps.

An example of the proc format step for creating the value formats, forgnf and $makef follows.

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