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Seniors Card members are highly engaged and waiting for your message.

The Seniors Card program offers five marketing channels to advertisers and partners allowing for strong integration and communication options with the membership.

Seniors Card provides business partners with a free marketing opportunity to promote a Special Offer to seniors via our website and, where available, in Weekend Plus. Business partners and promoters have an opportunity to further promote their business or event via our hugely successful Weekend Plus competitions, which receive thousands of entries each fortnight. we love working with our clients to create unique partnership strategies that align with your marketing objectives.

For more information, including rates, contact the Business Development Manager on 8204 2402 or email [email protected] For more information, contact the Business Development Manager on 8204 2402 or email [email protected]

Our fast growing demographic is interested in leading an active social retirement and love to keep up to date with Weekend Plus.

Weekend Plus has a range of advertising, sponsorship and promotional opportunities available to make your message stand out.

Outside suppliers contribute innovative ideas and new technologies that help airports to ensure a safe, secure and environmentally compatible operation – an objective shared by airports worldwide as they seek to improve performance excellence.

Alternatively, the Seniors Card Unit can provide you with small and large decals for use on cash registers, counters or on shop front windows and doors.

WORLD BUSINESS PARTNERS DIRECTORY Contact As a World Business Partner you will interact with a global network of airport executives; participate at high level conferences; receive airport related professional publications as well as the events' delegate lists; and consult with our experienced policy managers.

Airports are multifaceted businesses that require a wide diversity of partners to develop their business opportunities efficiently.

81% of members use their Seniors Card at least once per month and actively seek out offers and businesses that are part of the program. All permanent residents of South Australia aged 60 years or over and who work less than 20 hours per week in paid employment are eligible to apply for the card.

The card is not means tested and is issued free of charge.

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If your company is already a World Business Partner in another region of ACI, it is possible to opt for the ACI EUROPE World Business Partners benefits by joining the affiliate membership of ACI EUROPE and paying only 20% of the ACI EUROPE annual contributions for World Business Partners.

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