How to stop opera from updating

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How to stop opera from updating

That way it will cache if it is an exact match, and otherwise treat it like a new resource.attribute by appending it as a GET string to the filename.This is due to a meta refresh HTML tag implemented in the Facebook page code.

In that case, this can be circumvented by appending the hash directly to the filename instead of using a get string, and then using an Insert this line in one of your js blocks that wont be executed during “window load” causing infinite reload. I've only a few late versions of Opera, so I would appreciate some tries of the demo before I get egg on my face.It works fine in other browsers - Chrome, IE, Firefox. What I want to be able to do is have Opera re-request a page when the user clicks the Back button on the browser.As a user, I absolutely detest pages that slow down my history navigation by forcing re-loads when I use the back button.Opera team has also combined addressbar and searchbar in Opera which makes searching easy and straightforward.If you leave your browser open on the Facebook home page, you may notice that over time the page automatically refreshes with the most current updates in your News Feed.

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I'd really like an explicit solution that can be implemented to nishkarr's questions as well.

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