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Next up were Keane and I am probably going to get slaughtered for this but they were fabulous live, put in a really energetic performance and the usually laxadaisical (sp) Luxembourgers really responded to them, one of the best live performances I have seen, which was matched by Faithless who choose to play (in my opinion) their most famous song, Insomniac very early in the set.This was met with some top drawer moshing and despite not being able to jump up and down (yet) was one of those spine tingling moments that music can sometimes do to you.A friend's band will more than likely be playing so I'll be obliged to go...

Very short set, their encore was 2 songs which I didn't recognise, the lead singer has a face you'd never tire of punching and it wasn't loud enough. Have to say I was dissapointed with Razorlight when I saw them overhere.Not really a fan, it's more of a treat for my girlfriend and I'm taking her little sister her boyfriend too as a bit of a birthday present.I went to see Jack Penate there last month and while I'm not much of a fan of his either it was really good. I assume that you are coming to Salisbury and not Sailsbury? Wasn't overly bothered but got a ticket for 10 Euro.Kasabian is 21 Euro which is about 14Muse is 38 Euro which is about 25 (the gig at Wembley is 40 and Klaxons are there as well :mrgreen: )Chemical Brothers is 36 Euro which is about 24. :mrgreen: Going to see the Killers next Saturday and Sunday!(i know)Kaiser Chiefs the following Sunday Paolo Nutini in April :oops: (xmas present for a friend and couldn't send her by herself)Manics twice; once May and once Juneand Muse at Wembley in June.

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as does skream and most of digital mystikz, hatcha, and loefah.

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