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Tor Chat clients communicate with each other by using Tor to contact the other's hidden service (derived from his ID) and exchanging status information, chat messages and other data over this connection.

The project is actively seeking Java contributors, especially to help debug the GUI interface.As of 5 February 2013, developer Prof7bit moved Tor Chat to Git Hub, of Tor Chat protocol and its Python implementation was conducted.It was found that although the design of Tor Chat is sound, its implementation has several flaws, which make Tor Chat users vulnerable to impersonation, communication confirmation and denial-of-service attacks.But, in our experience, finding reliable, independent information on adult ADD / ADHD is difficult. Everyone has a strong opinion on what ADHD is and whether it’s even a real disorder.The amount of misinformation is overwhelming, and often disheartening.

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Totally ADD is an independent website featuring top experts and reliable information for about Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder adults.

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