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Egypt sex 18

That was the *Israelites experience when they left Egypt. Deaf and dumb, sight and blind are the *Hebrew way to include everyone. God said, There is your brother, Aaron the *Levite. He did not touch our children, but he killed the *Egyptians.

Later, people gave their gold and silver objects to make things for the *Tabernacle. But people who study old places, discovered great *Egyptian wealth. Verse 10 Moses used the word Adonai, which means my *Lord. Moses had spoken to God as his master, so he must obey God. Verse 22 Hyssop was a small bush with a pleasant smell. If you hold branches of that plant together, you can use it as a kind of brush.

They were from his children and grandchildren by means of his second wife Keturah (Genesis 25:1). (Reuels other name was Jethro see Exodus 3:1; 18:1.) He was a priest, so he gave peoples gifts to God. I am the God that your relatives, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, *worshipped a long time ago. It may be another name for the main mountain called *Mount Sinai. A long time ago, Abraham had received three visitors who were called *angels. Later, a cloud of fire guided the *Israelites at night (Exodus ). Everything must be pure and clean when God is there. His dead relatives from a long time ago were Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. God had made a promise to Abraham when he left his home (Genesis 12:1-3). v3 I appeared to Abraham, to Isaac and to Jacob as El Shaddai, the All-Powerful God. I know that the *Egyptians are keeping them as slaves. So you must give this message to the *Israelites for me. The *Egyptians have forced you to do difficult work. Those references emphasise that Gods power is much greater than *Pharaohs power. Verse 3 God had appeared to Abraham, to Isaac and to Jacob as El Shaddai. El Shaddai had appeared to Jacob at the place called Luz (Genesis -19 and 48:3). If a person became very poor, he might lose his land because of a debt. Verses 16-17 Those *gnats were probably the insects called mosquitoes. But that was an insult to the *Egyptian false god, Isis. This is what the *LORD, the *Hebrews God, says to you: Let my people go. He will bring a terrible disease on your horses, on your *donkeys, and on your camels. They become sore places, which produce bad substances. And it will fall on everything that is growing in the *Egyptians fields. I will raise my hands and I will pray to the *LORD. The *Israelites would eat in those houses for which the animals had given their lives. Later, the plants with a bitter taste reminded the *Israelites about their bitter past as slaves.

The people in Midian were from Abrahams family also. Verse 1 Moses was looking after the sheep that belonged to his wifes father. During this time, God was preparing him for his new task. The mountain called Horeb was part of the mountains in the region called Sinai. Another idea is that soil would make the shoes dirty. Moses belonged to a family that gave honour to God. He was different from the false gods that the *Egyptians *worshipped. They used to live as foreigners in the country called *Canaan. v5 And now, I have heard the *Israelites cries because of their troubles. And Moses must remind the *Israelites what Gods name is (verse 6). *Pharaoh was a human king and God had put limits to his temporary power. God could make him to be the father of many nations (Genesis 17:1-4). Jacob wanted God to make Egypts ruler to be kind to Jacobs sons (Genesis ). Here it means that God would act like a near relative. The *Israelites had to kill cows as a gift for the *LORD. The disease will come on your animals in the fields. v12 But the *LORD made *Pharaoh continue to be proud. Verses 9-10 *Boils are large red spots on the skin that are very painful. They probably carried loads of grain (Acts 27:6 and ). So they painted the blood round the doors of their houses as a *sign. Perhaps people, who did not know God, ate raw meat sometimes.

And later Reuel gave his daughter, named Zipporah, to Moses. 7 may be the actual number of Reuels daughters, or an ideal number. Verses 21-22 Zipporah was the name of a small bird. Perhaps Jethro was his second name, or perhaps it was an official name. Perhaps the *Israelites thought that they would have fewer troubles with a new king. It became Gods mountain because God spoke to Moses there. One of those *angels was the *LORD (Genesis 18:1-10 and ). And fire warned the *Israelites not to go up *Mount Sinai (Exodus ). In many places today, people remove their shoes when they enter churches. God also made a promise to Isaac and Jacob (Genesis -25 and 28:1-15). But with them, I did not use my name, the *LORD, God told Moses. The name *LORD appears at the beginning of the Bible in Genesis 2:5. His nearest relative had the right to buy back family property (Leviticus ). Then *gnats flew onto the people and onto the animals. v18 So the men who used magic tried to produce these tiny insects by means of their secret skills. Such insects develop in enormous numbers in pools of water. v23 I will not deal in the same way with my people and with your people. Verses 20-21 *Pharaoh was going down to the River Nile. The *Israelites had to kill sheep as gifts for the *LORD. And he will bring a terrible disease on your cows, on your sheep and on your goats. The wind would blow the ashes everywhere and it would be a *sign. Then Moses reached out with his stick towards the sky. And he sent lightning flashes that reached down to the ground. v24 *Hail fell and the lightning flashes hit the ground from all directions. The loud noise will stop and no more *hail will fall. So he *sinned because he and his officials became proud again. At that meal they must eat flat bread that they made without *yeast. But they would not have time to wait for the *yeast.

The *Tabernacle was the special tent where they would *worship God. Much of it was objects that people had made from silver and gold. And God had given to Moses a mouth to speak on his behalf. They could use hyssop to splash or paint the blood on the beams round the door.

*Egyptian artists were very skilful, and they made beautiful objects from these valuable metals. After that, nobody must leave the house until the morning.

Verses 1-4 Perhaps Moses remembered how a *Hebrew man had refused to accept him as a ruler and a judge (Exodus ). They must stay where the young sheeps blood was the *sign. Verses 24-27 Children will ask why they have that special meal. The *LORD had saved the *Israelites when he passed over their houses in Egypt.

People use special sticks when they work with sheep. They may not believe the first wonderful *sign, but then they might believe the second *sign. But he entered the *Egyptians houses and he killed their oldest sons.

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