Dating japan muslims affairs

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Dating japan muslims affairs

However, the development of Japanese-Muslim relations was very slow.

In 1715, a Tokugawa scholar named Arai Hakuseki published a book in which he discussed Islam; several other works described the Muslim-majority world in detail.

A young and well-educated man, he had organised a fundraising campaign in major cities in Japan to collect money for the families of the Ottoman sailors who had perished.

The response was so incredible that the Japanese government asked Yamada to personally take the amount (equivalent to nearly USD 0M today) to Istanbul.

The imam of Tokyo’s mosque, Abdurreshid Ibrahim, claimed in 1942 that “Japan’s cause in the Greater East Asia War is a sacred one and in its austerity, is comparable to the war carried out against the infidels by the Prophet Muhammad in the past.” The Muslim community in Japan continued to spread after the war, and interest in Islam was refreshed by two events in particular: the 1973 oil crisis, which caused the Japanese to pay attention to oil-producing Muslim states, and the 1979 Iranian Revolution.

The Japanese probably had similarly basic ideas about Muslims, and they may have briefly encountered Muslim traders or diplomats over the centuries as well.

In 1907, an Egyptian Islamic scholar named Ali Jaljawi visited Japan and presumably attended a conference on world religions held at the time in Tokyo.

The following year, Maulvi Barkatullah arrived from India, appointed as a teacher in Tokyo’s Foreign Language School, where he taught for five years.

Recognising this, Sultan Abdülhamid II of the Ottoman Empire—the only Muslim state still in control of its foreign affairs—sent the imperial warship made it to Japan, where its crew was welcomed with great hospitality.

On the return voyage in 1890, however, the ship was hit by a typhoon in southern Japan and all but 69 of its crew perished.

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Meanwhile, new translations of the Qur’an into Japanese continued to appear in the following decades, and over 100 books and journals were published in Japan between 19.

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