Dating during the 1940 s

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He also finds it strange that the FBI never seemed to follow up on any leads.

When he asked the FBI for copies of their investigation into the bombing, they told him they had nothing.

At that point, many Americans were still torn about which side to support, and the British were hardly the only groups maneuvering to win American hearts and minds.

The German American Bund was one group that was spreading the idea of a Aryan state in America with its Long Island retreat where attendees could learn about the Nazi movement.

There was friction between these competing groups as well.

Just two weeks before the World's Fair bombing, the German Library of information in the New York City German Consulate building, was bombed, as were the offices of The Daily Worker newspaper, then the outlet of the Community Party.

Each household was allotted a certain number of ration coupons per year and purchasing decisions had to be made very wisely to conserve these coupons.

Due to this, homemade clothing was as popular as it was in during the 1930s.

The phrase “Made Do and Mend” came about due to this.For the second instalment of our dating vintage clothing series, we will discuss the 1940s.The fashion trends of this era were distinctly divided into two categories: Wartime and Post-Wartime.In an interview with the Daily Beast, Whalen refused to point fingers in the unsolved bombing, but said, 'You could draw the conclusion that it was an inside job'.Exactly a month before the July 4, 1940 bombing, the British evacuated their entire Army from Europe after the Nazis pushed them back to Dunkirk. spies was Ian Fleming, who went on to author the James Bond novels.

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Rationing was the idea that cutting back on the consumption of certain goods and supplies would help provide as many materials (raw or otherwise) to the war effort as possible.