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Akhi almgir sex image

Akhi Alamgir was born on January 20, 1975, in Dhaka, Bangladesh to father Alamgir and mother Khoshnor. She made her debut in the music industry by singing in the movie ‘Bidrohi Bodu’ only during the study of class twelve.Her father Alamgir is a popular actor in the Bangladeshi film industry and mother Khoshnor is a lyricist. Akhi’s first music album ‘Prothom Koli’ was released in 1997 following this year her most popular album ‘Bisher Kata’ was released.As Jori grows up and her father's health gets worse, she struggles harder to escape from poverty and hunger.

When her mother elopes with a businessman to escape her hunger and Jori's father becomes blind from smallpox, she starts living from hand to mouth by sewing embroidery clothes with her blind father.She is a heartthrob singer especially to the young generation for her hot appearance.Akhi Alamgir got National Award as a child artist for acting in the film ‘Bath Dey’ when only she was read in class five. Akhi Alamgir begins her musical career with the playback song. And trust me I didn't try more than 1 hour searching the video on the web.The caller most humbly approached that he thought Akhi's butt was full a bad smell and he intended to push into that. Khoshnur was a lyricist and Alamgir is one the handsome Bangla movie heroes of all time.

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She is very popular for her attractive beauty and personality .

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